Where to find me

Hello reader!

You found me here, which is excellent. But you can also find me on twitter, Patreon, and Itchio. You can support me on Patreon, purchase my indie games, or buy me a ko-fi

2 Women | 12 Games: An Indie Game anthology
It’s an actual, physical book! You can also get the game PDFs separately on drivethrurpg (below).

City of Flesh
Physical copies available from IndiePressRevolution soon!

My DriveThruRPG Games
Return to Wonderland
Keepers of Antarra
We Die Here
Kitten Witches
Camp Pleasant
Haven AE
Song Contest

My Itchio Games
You can find all of them here, and please check out Wights and Witches especially!

DMs Guild Work
Masks of Theros (co-developed with Cat Evans)
Heroes & Villains of the Old World