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I’ve worked on a ton of games (check my bibliography for details), both as freelancer for hire and as indie author. You can support my indie work on Patreon, by buying me a ko-fi, or by purchasing one of my indie and community titles. In full financial disclosure, Itch gives me the largest % of sales to keep, followed by my independent DriveThruRPG work, and then my community titles for the DM’s Guild and Storyteller’s Vault. However, any of these titles puts money in my pocked and lets me keep writing, so you should buy whichever you like.

2 Women | 12 Games: An Indie Game anthology
2 Women | 12 Games is a collection of games written by Elizabeth Chaipraditkul and myself, ranging from wonderous to terrifying. The anthology is only available as printed book, but you can get PDFs of the invididual games on drivethrurpg (see below).

City of Flesh
City of Flesh is a femmecore tarot-based roleplaying game set in Nagara, a city built in the rotting womb of a slain colossus. You are the Midwives, tasked with staving off the end of the world as you know it.

My Itchio
You can find my itchio games here, and please check out the Wights and Witches bundle especially!
All Good Things. A LARP about honesty and vulnerability.
Alone. What happens when you wake up and everyone’s gone?
Bird Trek. A ttrpg game about raptors in space (and environmental change).
Bitches in the Club. A socialist game about female exploitation and empowerment.
Cupcake Witches. A role-playing game about witchcraft and cupcakes!
Lovers Masquerade. Everybody is looking for something – and some are looking for their next meal.
New Roots. A solo game about roots and journeys.
Punk Pride Pixies. It’s a beautiful day in the city. and you are a horrible pixie
Secret Ingredients. A game about friends and soup.
Wights. A role-playing game about protecting your community and punishing the wicked.

Camp Pleasant (collected in 2 Women|12 Games) is a cooperative game about nights spent with friends, the end of the holidays, new beginnings, secrets and murder. It’s my love-letter to 80’s slasher movies.
Haven AE (collected in 2 Women|12 Games) is a cyberpunk game set in 2250, two centuries after Earth’s dying days. You are a Breaker, rebelling against the capitalist system that governs Haven. 
Keepers of Antarra(collected in 2 Women|12 Games) is a narrative game where players craft Antarra’s history and geography together. Only one can prevail, seize control of the crystal lines, and become the new Keeper of Antarra.
Kitten Witches (collected in 2 Women|12 Games) is a game about witch familiars. Well okay, witch familiars in training. Okay, okay! You’re a litter of kittens born to a witch’s familiar… But the witch (and your mom) are away from home, so you’re the town’s last defense against things that go bump in the night.
Return to Wonderland (collected in 2 Women|12 Games) takes Alice and her companions back from 1879’s industrial London to Wonderland. Struggle to make rent and free Wonderland from its dark and terrible tyrant. 
We Die Here (collected in 2 Women|12 Games) explores the lives and secrets of a small, isolated town. Inspired by my love for stories like Twin Peaks, Stephen King’s It, and Netflix’ Dark, the isolated town is as much a monster in the story as its inhabitants. We Die Here is a Copper Best Seller. 
Song Contest: The Random Performance Game is a many-player game about music, comeaderie, and the magic of the greatest song contest in the world (yes, that one). All you need to play is the PDF, one twelve-sided die, pens, paper, and your wildest dreams!

DMs Guild
Masks of Theros is a Mythic Odysseys of Theros adventure path that takes characters from 1st to 11th level, and across the plane of Theros from the polis of Meletis to the Underworld, via minotaur wargames, a drowned city on the back of a kraken, and the machinations of the god of time. Masks of Theros is a Gold Best Seller.
Heroes & Villains of the Old World is collection of nonplayer characters inspired by European folklore, and a companion to Monsters of the Old World and Artifacts of the Old World. Heroes and Villains of the Old World is a Silver Best Seller.
Beneath the New Star is an official DnD Adventurers’ League scenario for 7th level players set in the Ravenloft realm of Darkon. This book is a Silver Best Seller.

Storyteller’s Vault
Bloodlines Unbound
is the first in a series of tomes bringing bloodlines to unlife with loresheets and Disipline powers. Bloodlines Unbound collects the Ahrimanes, Danava, Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyles, Kiasyd, Lhiannan, Niktuku, Panders, Volgirre, and Witches of Echidna. Bloodlines Unbound is an Electrum Best Seller.
Bloodlines Unbound Vol II: The Tal’mahe’Ra deals with the oldest and possibly weirdest of Cainite sects. This volume gives a short history of the sect, and presents ten bloodlines with lore sheets and discipline powers. This book is a Silver Best Seller.
Lost in the Garden is a scenario companion to The Black Hand: Playing the Sabbat. Lost in the Garden explores the Bahari faith and the secrets of the abandoned Sabbat stronghold of Montréal. It’s currently a Copper Best Seller.